Louis B. Mendelsohn

Louis B. Mendelsohn is a world renowned pioneer in the application of personal computers and trading software to the global financial markets.  He is President and Chief Executive Officer of Market Technologies which he founded in 1979 to develop technical analysis trading software for the commodity futures markets.  

Mr. Mendelsohn is a prolific author, having written dozens of articles on technical analysis and the global financial system in such publications as  Barron's; Futures; The Journal of Trading; Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities; Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine; and the Journal of Commerce.

Mr. Mendelsohn has been widely quoted in other financial publications over the past quarter-century, including the Wall Street Journal and Investor's Business Daily, has contributed to more than half a dozen books on the global financial markets, has been interviewed live on CNN, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

LBM@TraderTech.com 813.973.0496 www.TraderTech.com

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